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Rapid Prototyping & the Design Sprint

Swiss Tech Association is preparing a great new talk for you about Rapide Prototyping and Design Sprint. 2016 promises to be an exciting year in the field of digital design. New tools now allow to prototype and test a website or mobile app in a matter of days. To support this change, designers need to review the way they collaborate with the client. We’ll see how Design Sprint, a methodology created by Google UX specialists, can help us to develop better products faster.


Stéphane Cruchon is a consultant in digital design and first organizer of design sprints in western Switzerland. He teaches screen design and frontend web for interactive media designers at Eracom Lausanne.

When: 15.03.2016 after work

Where: Urbanfish Coworking Space – Kramgasse 58/ 3011Bern

Get your Ticket Here and have fun :-)